Monday, May 31, 2010

Bingo – A Brief Pause

Good morning and Happy Memorial Day!

We love computers, don’t we?  But only when they actually work!

Last Friday we came in and found that our computer system was being quite naughty.  We have laptops and desk computers, printers, and even a server, but without this little, itty, bitty box, none of it works.

When the lights are all on, this little machine makes everything work beautiful.  When the lights are out?  Nothing.  Nada.  Friday morning … Nothing.  Nada.  No lights.

A quick phone call to our computer tech guy confirmed it.  Mr. Linksys had passed on.  “No problem, we have another one at the office.”  By the time he stopped at a few other locations, got to the office and returned back to ours, it was past 5. 

Saturday morning all seemed to be working well, until our internet service provider called and said something was amiss with our IP address.  Apparently our address was crossed with another company causing their service to go out.  So until we could get our computer tech guy back out to fix our address, they were shutting off our little black box. 

So Mr. Techie should be back sometime today to hopefully get it all fixed (I’m “borrowing” an internet connection to post this.) 

In the meantime, Bingo needs to take a holiday as I have no way to get to all of our files to pick the words or the winners (all that information is sitting on the server.)

Hopefully we’ll be back tomorrow with Day Five!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Spring Fever Bingo Day Four

A very late morning to you all!  My apologies … a bit of a laptop virus, and a mouse that won’t behave has made for a very long morning!  But we’ll make it up to you … promise!

Wednesday’s Giveaway

Congratulations to

Deborah from Southern California aka Caitty Quilts


Mary from Southern California aka NeedledMom

You’ve each won 10 fat quarters from the Andromeda collection by Paintbrush Studio.

Email us your address and we’ll send them off in a jiffy!


egg hunt












spring break





Whistlepig Patterns

Today we have three sets of 5 Whistlepig Creek Productions Patterns for three Bingo players !

Don’t forget to leave a comment here, on TODAY’S POST, to be eligible for today’s giveaway.  Winners will be announced tomorrow morning.

Good luck and see you tomorrow!
(Since we’re running so late, we’re skipping the Blog Roll, but will have double tomorrow.)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Spring Fever Day Three

Good Morning! 

You’ll have to forgive me.  I’m a bit confused.  If I remember correctly the saying says something like, “April showers bring May flowers” …  Hmmm … something is amiss.  It rained yesterday.  It’s supposed to rain today … and tomorrow … and the next day.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the calendar says we’re nearing the end of May … Memorial Day weekend … unofficial beginning of summer?  And last time I checked, I think I lived in sunny northern California … Central Valley to be exact.  Go figure.

Well, I’m happy to report that we don’t have any “rain” on our Bingo game … at least not today!

As a matter of fact, we’re having a party … a Birthday Party of sorts.

As many of you know, here at The Quilt Shoppe, we’re a mom/daughter team … me (Lani) and Amanda!  Tomorrow is is Amanda’s birthday and she wants to share it with you.  And, of course, we women never ever just take one day to celebrate, we make it a week long event.  So we’re starting our little party today and it will go all the way through Sunday.  Now usually the birthday girl gets the gifts, but not this time.  On top of all the great fun we’re having here with our Bingo game, we’re sharing with you an additional 10% off all our regular priced products.  That means all yardage is only $7.19 per yard!  PLUS … every order $50 or more will receive a free fat quarter!

You’ll need to use the coupon code BIRTHDAY at checkout.  And remember, it applies to the original price of merchandise.

BIRTHDAY PARTYAmanda - 1 YEAR OLD!      Amanda - 1st Grade!

Amanda - All grown up and married!

tuesday’s giveaway

Congratulations to

Becky from Lilburn, GA … aka The Quilting Booklady

You’ve won the “Home Tweet Home” pattern from Stitch Studios.

(email us your address and we’ll get it right off to you! …


Here’s a few more blogs to surf today! 
We have some amazingly talented quilters and crafters here.  Don’t forget to leave a comment and say “Hi!”.

Keep Me In Stitches

Joyful Quilter

Miss Print – Kaye Prince

Sandy’s In Stitches

Skipper’s Creative Expressions

Daisy Quilts

Piecemeal Quilts







tea party


wednesday’s giveaway

Andromeda FQ Bundle from Paintbrush Studios

Today’s giveaway is two sets of 10 fat quarters from the Andromeda collection from Paintbrush Studio.

Don’t forget to leave a comment here, on TODAY’S POST, to be eligible for today’s giveaway.  Winners will be announced tomorrow morning.

Good luck and see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Spring Fever Bingo Day Two

monday’s giveaway

Congratulations to

Carrie P. in North Carolina
Paula Lynn in Central Arkansas
Dandelion Quilts in the Midwest

You’ve each won a Fairy Frost Charm Pack from Michael Miller Fabrics.

(email us your address and we’ll get it right off to you!)


I thought it would be neat if each day we “featured” a few of our players blogs.  This is perhaps my favorite part of our Bingo game … getting to know each of you through your blogs. 
Take a couple of minutes today and stop by these blogs.  Don’t forget to leave a comment and let them know that you are a fellow Bingo player!

A Passion for Applique

Paula Lynn’s Bin

Dandelion Quilts

Dresden Quilter

Luv 2 Kreate

tuesday’s words

Are you ready?  Here’s seven more!  Good luck!

sweet pea








Home Tweet Home

Today’s giveaway is a pattern for “Home Tweet Home” from Stitch Studios.

Don’t forget to leave a comment here, on TODAY’S POST, to be eligible for today’s giveaway.  Winner will be announced tomorrow morning.

Good luck and see you tomorrow!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Spring Fever Day One

Good morning!  I have an adorable springtime bowl filled with little pieces of paper all ready to pick!  I think they think they’re jelly beans jumping up and down screaming “pick me, pick me!”  Let’s see which colorful bean gets to escape first …








day one giveaway

Don’t forget to leave a comment here, on TODAY’S POST, to be eligible for today’s giveaway.  Winners will be announced tomorrow morning.

Michael Miller Fairy Frost Charm Packs

Three lucky players will each win
one Fairy Frost Charm Pack from Michael Miller Fabrics.
(50 charms in each pack)

NOTE:  Even though our RSS & email feeds are set to post about an hour after we post live, it doesn’t always happen that way (many times they aren’t received until the next day).  Your best bet to make sure you get in each day’s giveaway is to check the blog directly.

Good luck and see you tomorrow!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring Fever BINGO

spring fever bingo hangtag

Are you ready for some springtime fun?

It’s time for our

Spring Fever Bingo!

All the fun begins MONDAY, May 24

game instructions & rules:

1. Choose 25 words from the list below. Write them down to save for yourself AND email your list to our special bingo email Include your name, mailing address and blog username (this is VERY important) in your email.  NOTE:  You do NOT have to have a blog to participate, but please make sure when you post comments on our blogpost, you provide your name and email addy so we can contact you. Also, it matters not where you live, you can play our bingo game!

2. All list submissions must be received by MIDNIGHT (PST) Sunday, May 23.

3. Beginning Monday, May 24, we will post 7 words each day (Monday-Friday … not weekends).  Words will be posted at 7 am PST until someone reaches BINGO!

4. Participants will need to check our blog each and every day to find out what words were called and cross them off your list.  Please note … if you subscribe to our blog updates via RSS Feed, you may not receive the update on the date it was posted.  to get the words right when they are posted, check the blog directly.  

5. As soon as you have crossed off all 25 words, please leave a comment posting “BINGO!” We will check your list against the words that have been pulled to make sure it is a good BINGO and will announce the winner in an official congratulatory blogpost. Even if someone has called “Bingo”, please continue to post “Bingo” until a winner is announced.

6. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS AND BLOG FOLLOWERS TO JOIN US! Spread the word … blog about it … email your friends … tell all of your quilting buddies to come and join the fun! You can use the blog avatar (below) to add to your blogs and may copy the large graphic above to tell others about our game.  don’t forget to link back to this blogpost.

Spring Bingo Fever Avatar

6. The purpose of this game is to provide fun and entertainment for our customers and friends. There is no obligation to purchase or participate.


The BINGO winner will receive a huge assortment of quilting items as shown below. Highlights of this wonderful prize package include a complete fat quarter bundle of Make Life by Sweetwater, a fat quarter bundle of Maisy from Andover, a brand new Advent Kit from Moda’s 2010 Holiday Bake Shop, two pattern books, several patterns, thread, trim and a French General Scissor Roll.


beginning Tuesday, May 25 and each day following we’ll have a daily giveaway prize.  To enter for the daily prize, simply leave a comment on the previous day’s blogpost about how you’re doing with the game; for example, “I got three words today!” Or, “I love drinking “pink lemonade” on the “porch" (making up a sentence with the words you got for that day). As time progresses you may just want to post “I only need three words!” Have fun with it!

Only one (1) prize will be awarded each day, and only one (1) grand prize will be awarded.


abundant duckling March sky
alive earth marigold slicker
allergies Easter May slide
amaryllis egg hunt Mother's Day slugs
ants embroidery mud snapdragon
applique fawn narcissus soccer
April festival nest spade
barbecue fledgling new sparrow
baseball flower orchid spiders
basket flower pot outdoors splash
bees foal pansy spring
bikes forget-me-not park spring break
bird freesia patio spring cleaning
birth fresh peony sprinkler
bloom fruit petunia sprout
blossoms galoshes phlox St. Patrick's Day
blue jay gardening picnic stitching
bluebell gosling piglet strawberries
blueberries graduation pink lemonade sun
breeze grass plant sunshine
bugs green planting sweater
bush grow playground sweet pea
buttercup hatch polliwog swing
butterfly hatchling poppy tadpole
buzz hiking porch tea party
calf hoe primrose thaw
camellia honeysuckle puddles thunderstorm
candy hop pussy willow tree
caterpillar hummingbird quilts tulip
change hyacinth rabbit umbrella
cherry blossom insects rain vegetables
chirp iris rainbow vernal equinox
clean jelly beans raincoat vinca
clouds kid rake viola
colt kites resurrection violet
columbine lamb robin waking
crocus leafy roots warm
crow leaves rose warming
daffodil lemonade season water hose
dahlia life seeds weather
daisy life cycle sewing weeds
dandelion light shovel wind
decoration lilac showers windy
dogwood lily shrub worm
dragonfly magnolia skipping zinnia