Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Lost Quilt & The Power of Networking …

We received a message through the FabShop network about a quilt that was found.  Please read this article and feel free to pass on through your blogs and other groups.  Hopefully through the power of the internet, we can join this quilt and its owner.


On Sunday, June 21st, one of my neighbors found a quilt on the westbound  lane of Hwy 64 near Tarboro, NC.   She says the quilt was wrapped in one of those plastic blanket packages.  The quilt appears to be newly made, in wonderful condition.   She says it is hand and machine quilting.   There is no label attached and she cannot find a signature. She wants to return it  to its owner, as she is a needle worker, and says she would be sick if she lost one of her works.

Please pass this email around and if anyone knows anything, call Alison Boyette (252-813-1594) or email me at mom4matkat@gmail. com <http://us.mc317.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=mom4matkat%40gmail.com>

Thanks Susan Holmes Nelsonville Quilt Co.
Nelsonville, Ohio


Okay fellow quilters – pass it on!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Peppermint Cottage

Peppermint Cottage by Diane Knott forClothworks

It doesn’t get much sweeter than this!  Peppermints, candy canes, gingerbread, and other holiday treats are all featured in this new collection by Diane Knott for Clothworks. 

Taking a step aside from a traditional quilt, Diane has designed an easy Hanging Card Holder.  What could be better!  A patchwork wallhanging that holds all your Christmas cards!  We’ve got it all kitted up and ready for a quick purchase.  Just click on the picture of the wallhanging.

Peppermint Cottage Hanging Card Holder Kit 

Peppermint Cottage - Panel #196-1 Peppermint Cottage - Stripe #197-1 Peppermint Cottage - Gingerbread Men Red #199-1
Peppermint Cottage - Gingerbread Men Green #199-3 Peppermint Cottage - Gingerbread Men Gold #199-4 Peppermint Cottage - Treats Blue #200-2
Peppermint Cottage - Treats Gold #200-4 Peppermint Cottage - Treats Cream #200-5 Peppermint Cottage - Peppermints Red #201-1
Peppermint Cottage - Peppermints Blue #201-2 Peppermint Cottage - Peppermints Cream #201-5 Peppermint Cottage - Dots Red #198-1
Peppermint Cottage - Dots Blue #198-2 Peppermint Cottage - Dots Green #198-3 Peppermint Cottage - Dots Gold #198-4

Winter Joy

Winter Joy by Sue Zipkin for Clothworks

Nothing says ‘Winter” more than adorable snowmen.  Sue Zipkin has designed a new collection featuring whimsical snowmen celebrating the season.  Colorful snowflakes and tonal swirls highlight this group in colors of blue, aqua, plum, and green.

Snuggle up on those cold winter days with this comfy quilt!  Kits are available!

Winter Joy Quilt Kit


Winter Joy - Panel #0216-1 Winter Joy - Stripe #217-1 Winter Joy - Snowman Toss Blue #219-1 Winter Joy - Snowman Toss Aqua #219-2
Winter Joy - Snowman Toss Plum #219-3 Winter Joy - Snowflakes Blue #220-1 Winter Joy - Snowflakes Aqua #220-2 Winter Joy - Snowflakes Plum #220-3
Winter Joy - Small Snowflakes/Stars Blue #221-1 Winter Joy - Small Snowflakes/Stars Aqua #221-2 Winter Joy - Small Snowflakes/Stars Plum #221-3 Winter Joy - Tonal Swirl Blue #218-1
Winter Joy - Tonal Swirl Aqua #218-2 Winter Joy - Tonal Swirl Plum #218-3 Winter Joy - Tonal Swirl Green #218-4 Winter Joy - Tonal Swirl Lt. Green #218-5
Winter Joy - Tonal Swirl Aqua on White #218-6      

Sunday, June 21, 2009

We Have Two Winners

Thank you to everyone who left a comment with your favorite patterns.  It seems that the concensus is that you love them ALL!  Oh, if only we had enough time in our days and weeks to make them all.   That truly might be heaven on earth!

We’ve consulted with the powers-at-be over at image

and they’ve picked two winners for us.  Counting starts from the top down.


Winner #26 - JayBird

Congratulations to entry #26 

JayBird (aka Julie) 

Julie said:  “madeline!!! and anything else fig tree... i'm hooked... its bad... !!”

JayBird has a blog too –  JayBird Quilts
Pop over and check it out!  She’s got some great tutorials there.

We’ll be sending Julie these two patterns:

     Quilted Quickies Chamomile Quilted Qiuckies - Table Seasonings #2


Winner #17 - Margo 

Congratulations to entry #17 


Margo said:  “
I found your online quilt shop a couple of months ago while shopping for yardage from last year's spring Three Sister's line called Simplicity. Not only did I find the fabric I was looking for to finish up a project, but I also found a quilt shop that I can rely on to provide wonderful projects and endearing customer service. I have now made several purchases from your shop, and I will continue to do so in the future. Thank you for your blog and contest.

Patterns by Bunnyhill or Fig Tree are always irresistable.
I love Darci's dresses . . . I am going to keep my fingers crossed!

We’ll be sending Margo these two patterns:

Quilted Quickies - Table Seasonings #1Quilted Quickies - Darci's Dress Up 

  Congratulations Ladies!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!

We have lots and lots and lots of new patterns for you to have much fun with.  These are all brand new releases from Quilt Market. 

Leave a comment and let us know which are your favorites and we'll pick two lucky people to receive two each of these!

Darci's Dress Up by Quilted Quickies Chamomile by Quilted Quickes Table Seasonings by Quilted Quickies Table Seasonings 2 by Quilted Quickies


 New Patterns!

Bunny Hill Designs

Fig Tree Quilts

Late Bloomer Quilts

Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.