Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Lost Quilt & The Power of Networking …

We received a message through the FabShop network about a quilt that was found.  Please read this article and feel free to pass on through your blogs and other groups.  Hopefully through the power of the internet, we can join this quilt and its owner.


On Sunday, June 21st, one of my neighbors found a quilt on the westbound  lane of Hwy 64 near Tarboro, NC.   She says the quilt was wrapped in one of those plastic blanket packages.  The quilt appears to be newly made, in wonderful condition.   She says it is hand and machine quilting.   There is no label attached and she cannot find a signature. She wants to return it  to its owner, as she is a needle worker, and says she would be sick if she lost one of her works.

Please pass this email around and if anyone knows anything, call Alison Boyette (252-813-1594) or email me at mom4matkat@gmail. com <http://us.mc317.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=mom4matkat%40gmail.com>

Thanks Susan Holmes Nelsonville Quilt Co.
Nelsonville, Ohio


Okay fellow quilters – pass it on!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

It is possible that someone was moving and has not missed the quilt yet. Please update if you hear that it has been restored to it's owner.

Edna said...
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Edna said...

There is a website at www.lostquilt.com devoted to reuniting lost quilts with their owners. It may even be listed there already but, if not, list this 'found' quilt and information about it and perhaps it will be claimed by the owner.