Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's In the Basket

Today is Pink Friday and our new theme is "It's In the Basket." So what's in our "basket of goodies?"
We have flowers, and candy, and fruit and toys!
The following fabric collections are 20% off this weekend. Our Pink Friday sale continues through Sunday night, November 2.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Whew! It's the end of the first day of Quilt Market and I guess we can sum it up in one word -- WOW!

The first day pretty much is spent at Schoolhouse. Basically it's a plethora of mini pitch-your-product vignettes from designers, fabric companies, and other quilt-related businesses. These sessions last from 15 to 30 minutes and then you're literally running to the next one. It's a wonderful opportunity to get a sneak peak at what's coming out, hear from the designers, and get a bunch of freebies.

When Schoolhouse is over, we get a 2 hour break and then its time for Sample Spree. This can be best be described as CRAZY MAYHEM! Everyone lines up, some for hours, and when the door opens everybody runs in, with most heading straight to the Moda corner. Sample Spree is just that: a 2-hour spree with about 100 vendors and the opportunity to actually pre-purchase product not yet released. I opted to stay away from the Moda corner this year, but did grab some wonderful new fabrics that will be coming out next spring.

We were able to capture a few snapshots of up and coming quilt patterns from a few of our favorites. There will be many more to come over the next few days.

This is a close up of the new "Jardin de Roses" block-of-the-month from Verna Mosquera of The Vintage Spool. It features fabrics from her brand new line "Savon Bouquet."
COMMENT: We are planning on offering this as a block-of-the-month program. If you would like to see this available at The Quilt Shoppe, leave us a comment!

Although a little blurry, this is a quilt from Robyn Pandolph's new collection, Sumptious Living. This new collection is beyond description -- it is breathtakingly gorgeous.

We had a wonderful time at Renee Nanneman's schoolhouse featuring her new fabric line, French Farmhouse, already available at The Quilt Shoppe.

These two quilts are featured in a brand new book from Sandy Klop, aka "American Jane."
We'll be back tomorrow with more pictures from the Market floor - quilts, quilts, quilts, booth pictures and pictures with our favorite designers.
Leave us a comment and let us know what you'd like for us to look for while we're here.
Until tomorrow .....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

RECESS by American Jane for Moda

Hop, skip, run and jump -- it's time for RECESS! This retro-inspired collection from American Jane for Moda is as much fun as your first rubber ball or new box of crayons. The bell has rung. The laughter, shouts and giggles are building as the children hit the playground. Line up, boys and girls, it's time for Recess!

Items available:

Charm Packs - $8.00
Layer Cakes - $30.00
Jelly Roll - $30.00
Kits - $104.99 - comes in a collectible tin

Yardage & Bias Binding - $8.75/yard; panels $6.00 ea; binding $1.29/yd.

Finished size: 45" x 59"

Layer Cake Friendly!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

In the Hope Chest - Pink Friday

Today is Pink Friday! Each Friday we join the boutiques at Make Mine Pink to offer a unique themed shopping event. This week's theme is:


Joyce Lucas, the founder of Make Mine Pink: "I remember when I was a child, the mystery surrounding a hope chest was almost more than I could bear. I didn't even understand the concept, but knew it was something special and I wanted one of my own some day. Every year my older sister received something for Christmas "for your hope chest." As the years passed, I started to understand that the meaning of owning a "Hope Chest" was different for everyone. For some it was planning for a special wedding day that was sure to come, others used it to store heirloom linens and treasures passed down from generations, and yet for some, it held sad memories of dreams never realized. If you've been lucky enough to have a hope chest or perhaps had a glimpse into someone's, you'll find that no matter the purpose, each "Hope Chest" tells a story. What's yours?"

Here at The Quilt Shoppe we've selected six collections that remind us of days gone by, one baby collection and five gorgeous florals. We've marked them all 25% off.

Click on the Hope Chest picture above to visit our Pink Friday Specials page. To visit the other boutiques offering themed specials this week visit Make Mine Pink.

Also on sale this week are all our charm packs & layer cakes, jelly rolls, bundles and patterns. Don't forget, proceeds from October purchases go toward Susan G. Komen for a Cure.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

3 is NOT a Crowd at The Quilt Shoppe

We've been busy little bees unpacking lots of new fabric. Here's the latest!

French Farmhouse is a fresh collection by Renee Nanneman of Need'l Love Designs, reminiscent of a stroll through fields of daisies on a spring day. Come home to softly fluttering curtains, relax on the screened porch with a tall glass of lemonade or a bowl of homemade ice cream. Peek through a cottage window for a fresh breath of color in French blue, pistchio green and natural linen.


Charisma is that magnetic quality that escapes definition. Charisma is grace and charm, compassion and attraction, a true leader. Chez Moi has managed to capture this enigmatic feeling in their newest fabric collection from Moda. With saturated yet subtle water colored tones of pink, blue, green and gold you won't be able to keep your eyes or your hands off of this one.

The sky is getting brighter, the days are getting longer and the air is thick with the fresh scent of summer. Butterfly Fling by Me & My Sister for Moda is a frenzy of tiny rapid wings infused with everyday color and the kind of whimsical fun that one expects from a child's imagination. These two spunky grown up sisters have done it again in their sequel to Spring Fling.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Just in time for the holidays, these adorable "Learn to Sew Quilt Charming" kits have arrived at The Quilt Shoppe. The kit features fabrics from the brand new "Recess" collection from American Jane. The finished size of the quilt is 36" x 26.5".
Kit includes:
  • Step-by-step flashcards
  • Charm pack (52 charms)
  • Bias Tape
  • Yarn for tying
  • Needle Card
  • Collectible Tote

Also new from Moda are these adorable new "Recess" Lunch Box Tins. Measuring 12"W x 8"H x 4"D, these boxes are great for an oversized lunch box, a craft storage tin, or just to add to your collection.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


October 6-12

Each year, Make Mine Pink celebrates all who have suffered and survived breast cancer and honors those who have lost their battle with breast cancer. The boutiques at Make Mine Pink have lots of exciting things planned including special limited edition products, special discounts, or a percentage of sales donated directly to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.

How it Works
Many of our MMP members have hidden a special pink ribbon on their websites. There is only one pink ribbon image per website. Search through their websites until you find the pink ribbon that says, "You Found It!" Once you've found the ribbon, click it to return to Make Mine Pink, and, as a registered participant, you will automatically receive credit for it—the more bags that you find, the better the prizes will get. When the shop hop ends, we will hold a drawing for each prize level. Signing up is free and there's no purchase necessary to participate, so there's no reason not to play!
We also encourage you to look around the members' websites while searching for the pink ribbon, and if you find something you just can't live without, bookmark the page so you can return. You won't want to miss out on special events being held on many of the individual sites!

What to do first...
Click on the ribbon above to go to the main Shop Hop Information page. If you haven't already registered, do that first. Then visit each of the 38 boutiques and find the "You Found It" Ribbon. Clicking on that ribbon will register your email for wonderful prize opportunities.

Good Luck!