Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Winter White – A Year of Schnibbles #1


I wasn’t going to do this. 

Really, I wasn’t. 

Something about time or the lack thereof. 

But then I got to thinking …

“I spend a lot of time at soccer practices and games.  It’s ON-LY 34” square.  Why not hand piece it?  It shouldn’t take that long.”  So self convinced me that it was doable.  I picked Aviary by 3 Sisters and added one of the the specialty fabrics from Simplicity for the white.  I hand-pieced all the flying geese.  Then, because of time, I machine-pieced it all together. 

Do I dare try quilting it myself? 
I think I might ….
But not today.
No time.

Are you participating in “A Year of Schnibbles”?  If so, we’d love to see your “Winter White.”  Send us an email by Sat. Oct. 3 ( with a picture and we’ll post it on our blog on Monday, Oct. 5.

We’ll have October’s Schnibbles kits ready tomorrow!  Don’t be surprised if you see me on the plane headed to Market, Schnibbles in hand!

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Wonder-Fall Celebration!

It's a Wonder-Fall Celebration!

Wonder-Fall Celebration Guidelines

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We Interrupt This Broadcast …..

To bring you a non quilt-related blog post.

As many of you know, our dear Amanda was married a week and a half ago and I promised some pictures.   We’ll return to our quilt-related news tomorrow :)



OutsideCeremonyamanda robbie


Amanda & Robby

May your days be filled with much

happiness and God’s blessings!


If you want to see more, our photographer, Sarah Anne Photography, has also created a slide show.  If you live in the greater Nashville, TN area and ever need an UH-MAZ-ING photographer, Sarah is your gal! 

Sarah’s good friend, Cassidy, from Olive Tree Photography in Colorado Springs, also came to help shoot the wedding.  More of her amazing photography can be found on her blog.

Thank you, Sarah and Cassidy, for flying out to Sacramento and spending the weekend with us and our family.  It was such a joy to have you with us!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tiny Tailors

tinytailorshangtag copy

Tiny Tailors, by Janet Wecker Frisch for Quilting Treasures, is a collection of designs incorporating antique dressmaking notions, spools, hats, shoes and Janet’s popular woodsy characters as milliners, tailors and cobblers! The crib quilt panel, book panel, stripe and assortment of tosses and blenders in soft, clear colors will outfit a nursery, a young child's room, or even your sewing room.  

Tiny Tailors Quilt Kit #TT-KIT

Tiny Tailors - Book Panel #20985-G   Tiny Tailors - Birdhouse Crib Panel #20986-G

Tiny Tailors - Stripe #20987-EB 

Tiny Tailors - Buttons on Ecru #20988-E

Tiny Tailors - Hats on Green #20989-G Tiny Tailors - Thread Spools on Brown 320990-A
Tiny Tailors - Thread Spools on Ecru #20990-E Tiny Tailors - Stitches on Brown #20991-A Tiny Tailors - Stitches on Ecru #20991-E
Tiny Tailors - Tiny Buttons on Blue #20992-B Tiny Tailors - Tiny Buttons on Green #20992-G Tiny Tailors - Tiny Buttons on Red #20992-R
Tiny Tailors - Vignettes on Lt. Ochre #21009-S Tiny Tailors - Shoes on Blue #21015-B Tiny Tailors - Shoes on Ochre #21015-S
Tiny Tailors - Floral Tonal on Blue #21016-B Tiny Tailors - Floral Tonal on Ochre #21016-S  

Thursday, September 17, 2009

“Le Jardin” .. A French Garden Block-of-the-Month Quilt


There’s no doubt about it … French General’s “Rouenneries” is our “Fabric-of-the-Year” here at The Quilt Shoppe.  So it goes without saying that as soon as we heard about Anne Sutton’s new Block-of-the-Month we were jumping up and down with glee!

“Le Jardin .. A French Garden Quilt” is stitched exclusively with Rouenneries fabrics.  And if the sneak peak above makes you drool with happiness, just wait and see the rest of the quilt. 

We do know that the finished quilt is apx. 59” x 65” and right now we’re scheduling to ship block one late November/early December.

We’ll have more details soon and will post an update as soon as everything is finalized.

So what are you waiting for?  You know you want to make this quilt. 


P.S.  Anne has another sneak peak on her blog

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh, Boy!

Oh, Boy! by David Walker for Free Spirit

From dinosaurs to trains, lions to planes, this fun group has everything a little boy could ask for!  A FREE Pattern is available from Free Spirit!

Oh, Boy!  Animals Red #DW23Red Oh, Boy!  Animals Allover Red #DW24Red Oh, Boy!  Vehicles Orange #DW25Orange
Oh, Boy!  Vehicles White #DW25White Oh, Boy!  Vehicles Allover Orange #DW26.Orange Oh, Boy!  Vehicles Allover White #DW26.White
Oh, Boy!  Dinos Allover #DW28.Red Oh, Boy!  Animal Silhouette Red #DW29.Red Oh, Boy!  Vehicle Silhouette Gold #DW31.Gold
Oh, Boy!  Squares Brown #DW32Brown Oh, Boy!  Circles Brown #DW34Brown  

Monday, September 14, 2009

Some “Happy Flowers” from “Morris” for “A Winner”

It has become quite apparent that I’ve officially lost my mind.  No worries, though … it’s not the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  And I’m sure I’ll find it again, hopefully by the end of today.  Last week, or maybe it was the week before, I posted about all our wonderful new patterns and a giveaway for three FIg Tree patterns, with the winners to be announced last Thursday at noon.  I picked this particular time because the plan was that we would be closing the office at noon to prepare for Amanda’s wedding on Friday and I figured it would be the last quick thing to do before I left.  What was I thinking?  I never even came in on Thursday.  Definitely a no-show on Friday.  Couldn’t get off the couch on Saturday.  Cleaned house on Sunday.  So here we are, Monday.  So please forgive my slight preoccupation with my gorgeous daughter’s wedding (did you know Amanda was my daughter?).  As soon as we get some pics, you can be sure there will be a post.

We’ve got two new collections in “the Shoppe” …. one very bright and fun, the other, muted and warm (totally luvin’ the Indigo) … both equally gorgeous.

Happy Flowers by Donna Dewberry for Free Spirit

Happy Flowers - Daisy Insect Stripe #DD25Green

Happy Flowers - Daisy Insect Stripe Yellow #DD25Yellow

Happy Flowers - Happy Flowers Blue #DD27Blue

Happy Flowers - Happy Flowers Green #DD27Green

Happy Flowers - Flowers & Butterflies Yellow #DD28Yellow

Happy Flowers - Insects Blue #DD29Blue

Happy Flowers - Insects Lavender #DD29Lavender

Happy Flowers - Insects Yellow #DD29Yellow

Happy Flowers -Dots Lavender #DD30Lavender

Happy Flowers - Dots Pink #DD30Pink

Happy Flowers - Dots Yellow #DD30Yellow

Happy Flowers - Daisies & Insects Green #DD31Green

Happy Flowers Quilt Pattern-1 copy


The Morris Workshop by Barbara Brackman for Moda

The Morris Workshop - Honey Bun #8140HB

The Morris Workshop - Dessert Roll #8140DR 

The Morris Workshop - Jelly Roll #8140JR

The Morris Workshop - Layer Cake #8140-LC

The Morris Workshop - Charm Pack #8140PP

The Morris Workshop - Turnover #8140TO

The Morris Workshop - Acorn Tea #8140-12 The Morris Workshop - Acorn Green #8140-15 The Morris Workshop - Acorn Indigo #8140-29
The Morris Workshop - Jasmine Green #8141-13 The Morris Workshop - Jasmine Indigo #8141-19 The Morris Workshop - Bookbind Brick #8142-21
The Morris Workshop - Bookbind Brown #8142-24 The Morris Workshop - Bookbind Indigo #8142-30 The Morris Workshop - Peony Tea #8143-11
The Morris Workshop - Acanthus Green #8144-12 The Morris Workshop - Acanthus Blue #8144-17 The Morris Workshop - Bird Indigo #8145-28
The Morris Workshop - Iris Green #8146-12

The Morris Workshop - Iris Brick #8146-14

The Morris Workshop - Iris Dark Brown #8146-16
The Morris Workshop - Iris Indigo #8146-18 The Morris Workshop - Pimpernel Green #8147-12 The Morris Workshop - Pimpernel Brown #8147-18
The Morris Workshop - Cherwell Tea #8148-11 The Morris Workshop - Cherwell Green #8148-13  


Bet you thought I forgot, huh?
Would I do a silly thing like that? 
No way! 

Today’s 3 lucky gals are:


mama Spark


Congratulations ladies!
(I’ll email you separately to get your info.)

since you all love give-aways
you might just want to go over