Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Again, thank you to everyone for sending in your projects.  I’m pretty sure we posted each one that was submitted.  If you don’t see yours, please resend it.  It was not our intention to leave anyone out!  And on that note, our email box is always open and ready to receive news of a completed project.  Please, please, please … share with us, and we in turn will share them here on the blog.  Everyone has loved seeing these pictures, so keep them coming!

Without further ado ….

Congratulations to our winners

Betty D. from Talladega, AL
Pamela L. from Canton, MI

They have each one their choice of a turnover or honeybun from either the Crazy 8 or Frosted Memories collection.

We’re back up and running

We missed you all so much yesterday.  But I’m happy to say all the bugs have been exterminated and everything is back to normal.

Just a reminder that there’s only two days left of our Moda Madness sale.  You don’t want to miss out!

Moda Madness

(Christmas Excluded)


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gotta love computer technology!

Good afternoon dear friends -

It’s noon on Tuesday here at The Quilt Shoppe and things have been eerily quiet all day!  About an hour and a half ago we found out that the server that hosts our website is down.  Yuck!

We should be back up and running later this afternoon.  In the meantime, if you’re dashing and hopping and looking for those links, I’ve posted them here for your convenience. 

Thank you all for your patience.

FabShopHop You Found It!      Amazing Flowers Found

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Customer Creations – Part 4

I was hoping to have this post done yesterday afternoon, but time got away from me.  Thank you to everyone who participated in our giveaway and took the time to share.   Looking at these pictures gives such a great feeling and a wonderful reminder of how we celebrate so many things through the art of quilting.  Be it seasons, family nicknames, the beginning of a life, the union of new love, the memory of a life well lived, we find joy, happiness and peace in our piecing.

Please feel free to send us pictures of your projects and the stories behind them.  What a wonderful way to get to know each other over the miles!


Susie M. - Algona, IA

I am working on a project for my daughter. We bought Moda’s Cake slices of Sandy Gervais. I am sewing those large 10” pieces together.  She will use it as a topper for her guest bedroom.


Pamela L. - Canton, MI

I love your shoppe and thought I would share the latest project I have been working on.  My friends Karen and Cory were married last June.  I made up some squares for people to sign their wishes for them on at the reception that I would turn into a quilt for them.  Silly me, little did I realize how much work that would turn out to be!  I decided to use the signature squares on the back and had Karen choose a block for me to use for the front.  She chose one that looked like a flower to her and it was beautiful.  Unfortunately it turned out that those blocks were so much work, lots of matching.  Although I do have to say that my precision piecing did improve with this quilt!  My goal was to have it for them for their first anniversary.  Well I finished piecing the top and the back this last Sat and will now send it to my quilter, WHEW!!  It turned out beautifully and I love it.  I used Simplicity fabrics from moda for most of the quilt.  I don't know what the white fabric line is but the print is white on white dragonflies, just beautiful.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.  I found the block on Quilter's Cache but made my own design with the block and designed the back as I went along.
Pamela L. (aka Mama Spark)
Canton, Mi

Pam L.Pam L.Pam L.Pam L.


Sherri P. – East Millinocket, MN

My Name is Sherri P. and I live in East Millinocket, Maine.  I've taken the week off from work for a "Quilting Vacation".  I'm attending a Jan Krentz workshop the beginning of May which is one project I'm working on this week.  The center block is a 17 inch square on point and I've had a hard time to find a panel that would work for me so instead I'm making an appliqué from McCall's August 2008 magazine called "Hibiscus".  The quilt will be 57 inch square when finished with a "Open Star, Square-on-Point Setting".  I've had some tulip material that I've been saving for something special and am quite excited to finally be using it.  My colors are Orange and green with a black background.  I just love orange!

Sherri P.

Sherri P.


Kristeen  – Orem, UT

Kristeen from Orem, Utah

I just finished the applique on the center block of a quilt.  The pattern is "Ant"itude, Picnic on Parade, by Chitter Chatter Designs.  It is such a fun pattern.  It sure puts me in the mood for summer.  Yet I wonder if I will finish the quilt before the summer is over.  




Carrie P. – North Carolina

I thought I would share what I am working on. I have enjoyed looking at what others are doing.

I have just finished working on this months calendar quilt. Each month has a strip of fabric for each day and I am also adding a little block of embroidery to go along with each month. I am glad to say that I am keeping up with this project.

Carrie P. Carrie P.


Mary Jo B. – East Tennessee

I'm working on a block of the month quilt call "On Point"  that has some of the most beautiful colors!  I have just begun the project as I like to have all the blocks together before I begin.  I go on "sewing marathons" when I start a new project because I can't wait to see it finished!
Thank you for a GREAT giveaway!
Mary Jo
East Tennessee



Deb G. – Shenandoah Valley, VA

I'm working on blocks of the month for the Anniversary Waltz quilt sponsored by our local quilt shop. I'm not sure of the fabric since it's given to us each month when we take in our finished block. I have 8 out of 12 done, and it's been fun!

Deb G.



I have started a quilt for my son's girl. Just loaned mag to a friend so I don' know name of pattern. All fabrics are pastels from my stash. I am also working on the same BOM from Fat Quarter Shop. I have so much I want to sew...


Maureen S – Port Charlotte, FL

Hi...just saw your blog and thought I'd share my little bit of fun!  I am working on a quilt of Moda fabrics and the sock Monkey.  This quilt is for
my son who is 6'3" tall.  His older brothers dubbed him "Chimpie"  many moons ago.  When I found this fabric I knew I had to make a quilt for him,
and he is delighted!
Thanks for letting me share

Maureen S.



Karen D.

Actually my quilts are finished. After my father-in-law died, I asked my mother-in-law if I could have all of his shirts he wore. She said yes but asked why. I told her it was a secret. I then made quilts from the shirts he wore for her and my two children. I have enough left over to also make one for my hubby. I loved working on these because the fabric had my father-in-laws smell on it and it was like he was sitting right there with me.

To tie the quilt layers together I used buttons from my father-in-laws shirt for my daughters quilt and the pockets from his shirt for my sons quilt. I also made a label with their grandfathers pic and his birth-death. They absolutely LOVE their quilts!

Karen D. (Kiki)

Karen Karen

Karen  Karen

Monday, April 20, 2009

Customer Creations – Day 3

We are receiving so many emails thanking us for sharing your beautiful treasures!  Keep them coming!


Robin R. from Sioux Falls, SD

Actually I have finished this project...a baby quilt and pillow...using Over the Moon fabric by Wilmington Fabrics.  I made this for a cousin's daughter who just had her first baby. 




Stephanie R. from Sonora, CA

A scrap happy project: ocean waves! I've been collecting the 1930s fabrics for over 5 years, and I wanted to do something with all of my scraps.



Joyce M. from Sound Beach, NY

I just finished a disappearing 9 patch.   I made it for my Granddaughters twirling team for a charity event.    I used Moda  crazy eight squares. I love this pattern it makes such  a nice quilt.  Thanks!



Bridget W. from Seaside, OR

My first crazy quilt.  It's been a real challenge because they aren't as easy to make as they look!  I thought I was finished with it, but I keep adding to it!  I generally make large lap size quilts using contemporary fabrics, but for this experiment I thought I'd use Batiks only (I don't care for Batiks and I figured an experiment would be a good way to use some up).



Rachel B. from Moody, AL

I am working on table mats and runners, a lap quilt, and a Raggedy Ann Quilt.  These are all rescued blocks from thrift stores and the blocks I won in the guild BOM.  Sorry I don’t know the fabrics.  I tend to work in batches.  Ran out of batteries before all pix could be taken.  My blog will have more: Dizzy Daze





Valerie C. from Warren, PA

I've been working on a whimsical cat pattern called "Catnip" designed by Joni Pike from Sew Special Designs. I had to make this in honor of my two cats, one 13 and one 16. The 16 year old tabby is diabetic and has been getting two shots of insulin a day since he was three years old. they both still enjoys a little catnip now and then. I used two shades of red fabric with a black and white check and the cats are all made from appliqued black and white fat quarters. For added fun...embroidery and embellishments.






Billie K. from Elgin, TX

the same Mystery Designer BOM you are from Fat Quarter Shop....grin.  Great minds think alike.  I haven't done the last block yet and only have my in rows. 

I'm also working on Emilie's Truffle's from Connecting Threads.  I'll attach a couple of pictures of the latter. 




Your Wonderful Creations – Day 2

Wow!  We’ve received so many more emails and pictures.  Enjoy these lovely treats :)


Betty D. from Talladega, AL

This is a very small quilt called Fun in the Snow. I'm making it for my quilt guild challenge. After the judging I'll be sending it to Ami Simms for her Alzheimer's Auction ( )

I'm using batting for the snow and regular cotton material for the rest. I still have to put the binding on and make some snow drifts and add some snow to the roof and trees.

Betty D.


Sharon B. from Arkansas/Colorado

My name is Sharon Brown.  I live in Arkansas during the winter and in Colorado during the summer.  I saw this pattern by Kay Wood several months ago.  I make memory quilts and thought this would be something that I might offer to customers who don't have photos they want to save.  I used different fat quarter and some yardage I found at several different quilt stores.  I hope you like my LOVE LETTERS quilt.  It is not completed but I will have to go to the quilt store (goodie goodie) to get some backing. 

Thank you!

Sharon B.


Glenna D. from Georgetown, TX

What a fun idea!   I am currently making a twin-size quilt for one of our sons.  It is a pattern called "Wyoming Valley Star" designed by Sally Schneider,  who has published a number of scrap quilt books.  I used a variety of yellow prints for the stars.  The blue background is from the Quilters Paradise line by Gail Kessler for Andover Fabrics.

The hardest part of making this quilt was finding enough yellow fabrics that were geometric patterns rather than florals, since it is  for an adult son.

As you can see in the photo, I have all the parts laid out and have started putting them together. 


Glenna D.


Jeanne from Taylorsville, UT

This week I just finished my first REAL quilt. (I've done some 9-patch and squares in a row in the past but nothing like this.)

This quilt is called Pinwheel baby quilt and I found the pattern on the Moda website.

Most of the material I used I already had in my stash so it wasn't expensive to make. The border is an ecru colored muslin. The backing is a teddy bear mural that I used on a previous quilt.

I "stitched in the ditch" for the quilted touch. (I am not brave enough to do the random stippling yet.)

This quilt was made for a brand new mom who did not know which sex her baby would be until she delivered. I put enough blues and pinks in the mix so it would work for either.




Julie C. from Cypress, TX

OMG what am I working on!!!.....well I have about 7 quilts underway at different levels …one I am trimming (Block of the month 2 years ago!!) to make the blocks all the same size because I am the worlds worst at having them sewn NOT to be the same size!!!  LOL  So as long as the quilt looks good that is perfect for me!!!  To me it’s the colors and the fabric itself that make it pretty ….. So judging is out for mine!!  I would come in last for sure!!

The 4 ( Houston International Show ShopHop 2006 picture attached – one of them ) that are pinned I am working on the quilting patterns that I want to use…weather I can do them with that dang BSR is another story !!  LOL  So if anyone has advice on that device I would greatly appreciate it!  Hahaha  It looks so easy so I got the machine….fair warning they lied it isn’t easy!!

Then the quilt that I am hand quilting which will take forever to finish because I keep starting a new or buying another set of fabric to dream up another top design to do!!  Sooo many fabrics!!

But the embroidery quilt ( other picture attached ) is my favorite and beautiful bright batiks and wonderful flower art designs…that is the quilt to be the last to quilt, I am going to practice on the other 6 before I start. I got the pattern from the Houston Quilt Show last year from The Sewing Studio to do the embroidery with my Bernina 440QE.  A lot of fun doing I loved it and now I am fixing to start templates for another one with the Tulip Time pattern with Moda “At The Lakeside” fabrics.

And now the last but not least I am learning 2 things at once on this bernina machine appliqué with metallic thread….that was a task to get down to make it finally be easy and fast but I was determined to figure it out and I did!!  Christmas quilt blocks of photos Snowman is the one doing tonight.

Bye Ya’ll from the Southern state!!!


Julie Julie

Julie Julie

Julie Julie

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Your Wonderful Creations – Day 1

We’ve already received some wonderful emails showing off your creations!

From Suzanne in Longmont, CO
My name is Suzanne. I live in Longmont, Colorado (at the base of the Rocky Mountains). I tend to work on smaller projects. Something I can finish within a few hours of time. Attached are some of my recent creations. The first is a "Lil' Girl Cupcake Tote." I "bake" these up for the little girls in our lives. I also make big girl totes. The third attachment shows "First Love" which is a tote made with fabric by Lila Tueller from her "Woodland" collection. There's another from Mark Lipinski's "Califon" line. And a third from Kitty Yoshida's "City Girl" line. Those are just a small sampling of my things. You can go to my blog or Etsy to see more examples.
This is a great idea. I'd love to see a sampling of what people are working on...
Thank you so much! –Suzanne

Little Girls Cupcake Tote   Lil GIrl CUpcake Tote

Tote ToteTote


From Patty in Dunlap, IO
Hi, I am Patty W.  from Dunlap, Iowa. I am working on a Buggy Barn pattern and it's lots of fun. I wasn't sure about it when I started because all the stars are cut into 9 section then sewed back together and the ending block is all out of shape. Then it gets trimed to 9 1/2 inches and you have really neat wonky stars. It will be set in a barn raising setting. I am using Kansas Troubles in reds and creams. Sorry I don't have a camera hook up to my computer at this time so I can't show pics (but I'm working on it).


From Janet W. in Delta, British Columbia, Canada

I have completed month 1 and 2 of the luscious Fig & Plum Mystery BOM club (hosted by The Quilt Shoppe).  Here is one block I particularly liked:

Blossoms & Blooms Block 1

And this is one block from my in-progress One Block Wonder:
One-Block Wonder

And here my favourite block from the also in-progress Quilting 201: Beyond the Basics quilt I made with fabric purchased from The Quilt Shoppe (French Farmhouse):
French Farmhouse


From Amy C. in Hutchinson, KS

I'm working on a quilt using a pattern called Garden Trellis from the book "Jelly Roll Quilts" by Pam and Nicky Lintott. I am using a jelly roll from from the Prairie Paisley line. I'd love to tell you I got this idea on my own. But I am not that original. I saw a picture on a blog of someone else using a jelly roll for this pattern from Prairie Paisley.

I am working on getting the borders on this weekend and hopefully start machine quilting.

Prairie Paisley


From Pat B. in Iowa

Hi I have been working on:

Road to Tokyo – red, black & white quilt.    I don’t have any photos of the quilt yet.  I have about ½ of the blocks done.

I also have done a tea garden wall hanging

It is complete

Road to TokyoTea Garden


From Pamela in Corvallis, OR

. . .a quilt for my mom . . . think I'll be done by Mothers' Day????  IT's supposed to be a "think spring" quilt, since the weather seems so "off" this year. Scrappy with floral cottons, as many as I could get my hands on, from my stash, FQ purchases, friends. . .! Photo is top only, so I have a ways to go.


Corvallis, Oregon

Quilt for Mom


From Anita in Lancaster, CA

I'm working on.........actually I just finished a 30's quilt from the pattern "Chicken Linen Quilt" by Darlene Zimmerman.  I tweaked the size of her pattern only so it would fit my bed.  Her pattern would be 69X93".  I made extra blocks so my quilt is 84X84".  I used all 30's fabrics and many by Karen Snyder (Anna  The backing is one of hers from the Washtub collection.  I stippled the white areas and large-meandered the outer border.
I have attached a couple photos.  (The photo says "...& Becky" because I had some photos of my daughter in the same album in my computer).
Anita Zierman
Lancaster, CA

30's quilt

30's quilt  Becky 010


Marcia W. from Trenton, FL

I’m working on learning freezer paper template piecing.

Attached is a scan of my first sample block (I don't have a camera). 

The directions for these blocks came from the book Pieced Flowers by Ruth B.McDowell. 

The fabrics are bits-n-pieces of materials that my mother saved.  Using "left overs" helps me overcome the fear of making a color/sewing mistake and wasting fabric.  I'm a beginning quilter.

My inspiration is a watercolor painting of irises. The plan is to make a matching quilt with an iris theme.  If I master making pieced irises, then I can go on a fabric buying spree just for this quilt.




Belen S. from McAllen, TX

This is a first for me......sending a pic......but here it is. A square within a square within a square. Mostly Michael Miller fabrics.....doesn't look like what I thought it would   but I'm seeing my mistakes and will learn from this...I hope. Love all the new fabrics.

Square in a Square


Jennifer G.

Attached is one quilt I'm working on, however, I'm going to be starting one for my daughter and her fiance as soon as it comes. A wedding gift.
I started the New Year with a resolution to not buy any new fabric until I had used up what I had. Ha! The batik material for the circles quilt was collected prior to 2009, but, I have to confess, I've purchased some new fabric lately so I can make the wedding quilt.
Looking forward to an evening of working on this batik circles quilt! I'm attempting a strata border. I'm so glad it's Friday!

Jennifer G.

Jennifer G.

These are incredible!  More to come tomorrow!