Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Aviary is inspired by vintage prints and field study engravings from a time when the world outside was shared through drawings rather than photographs. Full of detail and texture in a supple palette of pinks, greens, aquas and cream, this refreshing collection is elegant and sophisticated. Classic florals and masterfully crafted paislies make this a collection that exemplifies beauty by anyone's terms.

We have just received a limited quantity of early precuts for this stunning collection. No worries though, more are on their way! Yardage will be arriving in March.

How can you resist these new Turnover Goodies? Fig Tree's new Pastry Shoppe booklet contains 6 simple new patterns all using the new MODA Turnover precuts made from our newest fabric collection Patisserie. As an extra bonus, the same patterns are also shown on the back cover of the book made in the new 3 Sisters collection, Aviary, now there's a sweet deal for you! Patterns include quilts made with both 1 and 2 turnover packages and you can choose from several fun designs made especially to utilize those fun new treats from the folks at MODA. If you haven't developed a sweet tooth yet for these great fabric packages, you certainly will after you get your hands on these. And if Turnovers are just not your thing, you can of course cut your own triangles and make all the same treats. Pattern instructions are included for both Turnovers and cutting your own pieces.

To see a sampling of these gorgeous quilts made up in the Aviary collection, visit Fig Tree's Blog.

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V and Co. said...

i LOVE aviary! yes the chair is same chair from few posts before. i just turned it upside down and unscrewed the cushion and then cut out fabric to go over the existing fabric and cusion. i then staple gunned the fabric tugging (tightly) and turned it over and will screw it back on when i FINALLY decide on a color...bleh still havn't figured that part out yet.