Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pumpkin Hollow

Pumpkin Hollow by David Carter Brown for Wilmington Prints

Wilmington Prints brings us a delightful Halloween collection designed by D.C. Brown (also designed “Over the Moon.”)

With bats, owls, pumpkins and an adorable haunted mansion, these prints will bring delight to your “Trick or Treating” memories for years to come.

We’ve kitted up an adorable Wall Hanging and Table Runner using the FREE pattern available from Wilmington (a full color copy of the pattern is included with the kit.)

Pumpkin Patchwork Wall Hanging Kit               Pumpkin Patchwork Table Runner Kit

Pumpkin Hollow - Panel #93061-859 Pumpkin Hollow - Stripe #93062-487 Pumpkin Hollow - Scenic Blue #93063-479
Pumpkin Hollow - Packed Pumpkins #93064-887 Pumpkin Hollow - Halloween Sky Blue #93065-495 Pumpkin Hollow - Halloween Sky Pumpkin #93065-895
Pumpkin Hollow - Pumpkins, Cats & More Blue #93066-489 Pumpkin Hollow - Pumpkins, Cats & More Green #93066-789 Pumpkin Hollow - Spooky Faces Pumpkin #93067-899
Pumpkin Hollow - Spooky Faces Black #93067-958 Pumpkin Hollow - Ticking Stripe #93040-229  


The Rabbit Factory said...

Soooooooo cute!

Threeundertwo said...

I love this. I never used to be much of a Halloween person, but quilting changed all that. There are so many cute Halloween fabrics!

rachel griffith said...

this line is adorable!!!

of course i'm sure i honestly feel that way over every holiday line...maybe i need holiday fabrics anonymous!!!
just sayin'