Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tiny Tailors

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Tiny Tailors, by Janet Wecker Frisch for Quilting Treasures, is a collection of designs incorporating antique dressmaking notions, spools, hats, shoes and Janet’s popular woodsy characters as milliners, tailors and cobblers! The crib quilt panel, book panel, stripe and assortment of tosses and blenders in soft, clear colors will outfit a nursery, a young child's room, or even your sewing room.  

Tiny Tailors Quilt Kit #TT-KIT

Tiny Tailors - Book Panel #20985-G   Tiny Tailors - Birdhouse Crib Panel #20986-G

Tiny Tailors - Stripe #20987-EB 

Tiny Tailors - Buttons on Ecru #20988-E

Tiny Tailors - Hats on Green #20989-G Tiny Tailors - Thread Spools on Brown 320990-A
Tiny Tailors - Thread Spools on Ecru #20990-E Tiny Tailors - Stitches on Brown #20991-A Tiny Tailors - Stitches on Ecru #20991-E
Tiny Tailors - Tiny Buttons on Blue #20992-B Tiny Tailors - Tiny Buttons on Green #20992-G Tiny Tailors - Tiny Buttons on Red #20992-R
Tiny Tailors - Vignettes on Lt. Ochre #21009-S Tiny Tailors - Shoes on Blue #21015-B Tiny Tailors - Shoes on Ochre #21015-S
Tiny Tailors - Floral Tonal on Blue #21016-B Tiny Tailors - Floral Tonal on Ochre #21016-S  


ferne said...

I am loving this, but not for babies...all for me!

jabeybaby said...

Oh, how cute is that!!

April Pantall said...

Wow...what cute fabrics! I love anything that looks vintage ;)

Tailors Los Angeles said...

I agree those fabrics are so cute. I find it so beautiful and very artistic. It is such a great work. I wish I can have one.