Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Simple Nature & South Hampton Winners

Simple Nature by Cynthia Coulter for Wilmington Prints

This is one of the sweetest nursery collections we’ve seen.  “Simple Nature” by Cynthia Coulter features darling ducks, frogs, rabbits, squirrels, butterflies, even a turtle set in palettes of pink and brown and blue and brown.  My personal favorite is the gorgeous toile print.

We’ve kitted up the darling free pattern from Wilmington (the pattern is included) and have all the yardage available individually.

Welcome a new baby into your heart with “Simple Nature.”

Gentle Darlings Quilt Kit - BlueGentle Darlings Quilt Kit - Pink

Simple Nature - Sampler Pink #42277-321 Simple Nature - Repeating Stripe Pink #42278-312 Simple Nature - Animal Toss Pink #42279-321 Simple Nature - Scenic Toile Pink #42280-133
Simple Nature - Animal Swirl Pink #42281-332 Simple Nature - Circle Stripe Pink #42282-132 Simple Nature - Circles #42283-132  
Simple Nature - Sampler Blue #42277-421 Simple Nature - Repeating Stripe Blue #42278-412 Simple Nature - Animal Toss Blue #42279-421 Simple Nature - Scenic Toile Blue #42280-144
Simple Nature - Animal Swirl Blue #42281-442 Simple Nature - Circle Stripe Blue #42282-142 Simple Nature - Circles #42283-142  





#9 is Mary on Lake Pulaski
#29 is Lori in Bend, OR

send your addresses to info@thequiltshoppe.net and we’ll get those right out to you!





Mrs. JP said...

Congratulations Mary and Lori. That fabric is gorgeous.

Lori said...

Woohoo! I can't believe I saw my name as a winner! I'm so excited. Thanks InStitches!! Thank you for the congrats, Mrs. JP. :)

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't believe I'm a winner! The South Hampton fabric looks beautiful.
I emailed you with my address.