Monday, March 8, 2010

So … what ‘cha working on?

Oh where, oh where, has dear Lani been?  Let me tell you, life has been family crazy this last month.  A very long story made short, my sweet mother-in-law, who has lived with us for the last couple of years, became quite ill the end of January.  Let’s just say in four short weeks, we were in ER with her four times (you know it’s bad when the ER doctors are on a first name basis with you and actually remember all of mom’s diagnosis from previous visits) and the rest of the time has been spent at a rehab home, with the exception of one weekend when she was discharged to come home on a Friday, only to go back to ER on Monday morning.  She’s doing a bit better, and still at the rehab home, which is where she will now probably have to stay.  She’s a strong, strong lady, with a bit of a stubborn streak … definitely a fighter!

Back to the fun stuff … it’s WIP WEDNESDAY week AND you’ll want to keep reading down towards the bottom for a fun giveaway!

wipwednesdaylogo copy

it’s time to show off your

w.i.p.’s … “works in progress.”

it’s easy, peasy …

1. grab your camerA

2. take pictures of what you’re working on (nothing finished … we’re doing something for that on the last friday of the month … tba)

3. send us your pictures! email them to

4. in your email, tell us

… who you are and where you live (city, st, country)

… what you’re working on (quilt, tablerunner, dress, skirt, etc.)

… what fabrics you’re using, if you know. if you don’t, just tell us it’s from your stash

… if you’re a blogger, send us your blog addy too

that’s it!

on wednesday, march 10, we’ll have our w.i.p.wednesday parade. if you don’t get your email sent in on time, don’t worry, we’ll save it and post it next month.

and … keep them coming! we’ll have a parade each month on the 2nd wednesday of the month.


A Giveaway …

I have a friend, a very good friend … her name is Vanessa and she is THE funniest blogger I know! 

vanessaheader She is the queen over at V & Co. and this week we are honored to have a sponsor giveaway on her blog.  If you haven’t already met Vanessa, you need to head over to her blog NOW and read a few of her posts.  She’s crafty, witty, and sometimes a bit crazy.  Her take on the everyday adventures of life can sometimes be hilarious.  I truly consider it an honor to call her a very, very dear friend!

The giveaway … be still your heart … its a Jelly Cake of Rural Jardin .. the newest collection coming out from French General.  But that’s not all … there’s also a $25 Gift Certificate to go with the jelly cake.

ruraljardinprizeSo what are you waiting for?  You know you want some of this sweet fabric yummyness!  Go visit Vanessa and get ready to laugh your socks off :)


call me crazy said...

Great giveaway~ I'm on my way! :-) Sorry abt your MIL health problems, hoping for a quick recovery for her.

Mrs. JP said...

This is to much fun. I have so many to send and I just finished a table runner today so I have my "finished."
I'm sorry to hear about your MIL. Please keep us posted but I know that's hard when you're stuck in the ER!!

Anonymous said...

bvpklp said

Love your giveaways and am always hopeful that I'll be the lucky one!!!! Am working on a bunny table runner for Easter.