Wednesday, June 23, 2010

W.I.P Wednesday … June 23

Thank you to everyone that sent in your WIPs.  We have a wonderful parade for you this week.  You’ll want to be sure to click through to all of their blog links.  They are absolutely wonderful!  Without further adieu, here are your masterpieces …

Melissa C. from South Bend, Indiana
I am currently working on this quilt and almost have it completed.  I just finished the appliqué and quilting and now just have to bind it.  I am hoping to finish it soon and then it can be shown on a Finished Friday.  These fabrics are from my stash. I am in love with the whole Pink and Brown combo right now and this quilt was a product of the fascination. 
Our family blog is  I post my quilts there when I finish them.

Alicia W. from Olalla, WA
This is my granddaughter's 'Big Girl' Quilt. Needs to be finished by Saturday since I won't have time to work on it afterwards and her birthday is in 2 weeks.

Various dog and cat prints in black, white and red. It actually is a project my daughter started before my granddaughter was born but got frustrated because of seam allowance issues so she gave it to me and I decided to finish it up for her daughter who will be turning 2 and is almost ready to move into a big bed.
My blog address is:

Karen from Saline, MI 
I am close to finishing a small quilt that I made with white muslin (background and block pieces) and various 30's fabrics from my collection.  It has been such fun to make.  Currently, I'm hand-sewing the binding and will add another couple of rows of straight stitching on the border.
I found the pattern for this little quilt in "Quiltmaker's Small Quilts".  It's called "Bloomin 30s" by Darlene Zimmerman.
Have fun quilting!
My blog address:


Joanna from New England.  
I joined a quilt along at Erik Homemade ( ) for a scrap pile clean up mystery quilt, and today I caught up on two weeks of sewing on it.  I also did handsewing on a top I made yesterday so that is a finish.

I look forward to seeing what everyone else is up to.
My blog is .

Mac from Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
I just read your email about wipwednesday and I’m very excited to send you my wip. Of course it’s not the only wip I’m working on, but this is the one that takes most of my time. It’s Leanne’s House designed by Leanne Beasly. It’s a wall hanging and I used lots of my stash and some of the stash my bee friends gave me.

My name is Mac, I’m Dutch and I live in the south of the Netherlands, close to the Belgian border. I’m quilting since the early 90’s, you might say I’m hooked. Most of the time I work on combined techniques, so I’m more a crazy quilter. I’m quilting this quilt by hand and I’m adding lots of embellishments.
My blog address is:

Kathi P. from Doctors Inlet, FL
My granddaughter said this dress is her favorite (for the moment, anyway)!  I made it with a wonderfully soft brushed poplin (Hibiscus Orange - Two Young Street collection) from Prints Charming.  I'm certainly glad The Quilt Shoppe had some left!

Sandy N. from Yuba City, CA
I am working on this Eagle wallhanging. I used all different red, white, and blue fabrics from my stash. This is going to be a gift for our wonderful neighbors across the street who are moving.

Susan from North Vancouver, BC, Canada
I'm working on two things this week:
Nine-patch quilt for a friend's birthday, using scraps from a freebie stash I got through Craigslist and a purse/tote bag using Rebel Roses by Heather Mulder Peterson and Deb Mulder for Henry Glass.
My blog is ByGrace -


Mary from Southern California
I am currently working on a snowball quilt.  These are 120 5" novelty fabric squares that were exchanged in a swap this past year.  I have decided to do them in the snowball pattern and have just finished adding all of the corners.  I think I will sash them to see how they look.  It will make a great I Spy quilt.

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else is currently working on.

My blog address is:


Dana Gaffney from Key Largo, Florida
These are my WIP's, they are all stash quilts, since I am trying to get my stash under control.

First picture is a braided quilt being stippled.  Second picture is a quilt waiting to be sandwiched.  Third picture is blocks, sashing and border I have cut for a wall hanging.

Trisha from Seattle, Washington
I am making a twin sized quilt for my daughter's bed.  I am using Patisserie Turnovers by Fig Tree Quilts.  I am trying Turnovers for the first time and having a ball.  Maybe by the end it won't be as fun since I have to make 480 flying geese.  Yikes! 

Theresa, originally from Canada, but living in Tokyo, Japan!
Recently I've been working on this scrap quilt made from recycled denim and pieces from my stash (leftovers from other sewing projects). I'm making this without a pattern to go on, but I'm loving how it's turning out!
I blog at:

Sarah C. from Mt. Juliet, near Nashville, TN.
I'm currently working on finishing off a quilt top for a friend - her grandmother hand-pieced this lovely bow tie quilt a long time ago and I get to back, quilt and bind it!  The top is made with beautiful old cottons, and I'm using Kona Daffodil and a bright cotton print from Joann's on the back, and binding it with the same cotton print.  You'll be able to see a finished picture (soon I hope!).
My blog address is:

Carly from Ohio.
This picture is a patriotic pieced wallhanging or table topper (haven't decided yet) for my mom.
I'm using Moda's Nautical and Nice.

Tracy from Shoreview, MN, USA
This is a quilt top pattern from American Patchwork & Quilting April 2010...I'm still plotting what to do on the back. I used a variety of Kona solids.
I don't have a blog, just a messy sewing room and a photo-bombing bulldog.


Mrs. JP said...

All truly beautiful and inspiring.

Sarah said...

How excellent! We have some talented people here!!

Trisha said...

Tracy from Shoreview, MN: Your quilt looks awesome! I just made that same quilt and I am trying to decide what to do with the back too. Love yours. I would love you to come see mine on my blog.

~Trisha from Seattle

Anonymous said...

That was so fun. What a great parade of inspiration!

Lovie said...

Love the WIP Wednesday. Eye Candy without the calories LOL Did find that I have added 3 quilt to my "Someday List".

Dawn said...

thnaks for sharing all these gorgeous WIP'S.... some very busy gals..
hugs Dawn x x

Mary Ellen Boynton said...

Hey, Tracy from Shoreview! Did you know that we have a new quilt group in Shoreview? We're two years old in July with 84 members. Are you a member? Do you want to be? Let me know if you'd like some more information about Lakeshore Quilters.