Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Winter’s Gleam & Finished Friday

Winter's Gleam by Douglas Laird for Wilmington

This nostalgic collection brings us the beauty of a winter evening just as the sun is setting and the family is catching a few more moments of winter play in the snow.  The stunning details that Douglas Laird is famous for are portrayed in the panel, stripe and scenic prints.  The snowy sky, tree and ground prints are wonderful for winter nature projects.

The kit for this collection includes the fabric for not one, but two tops.

Winter's Gleam - Panel #15-412

Winter's Gleam - Repeating Stripe #16-145

Winter's Gleam - Scenic #17-127
Winter's Gleam - Kids Allover #23-415 Winter's Gleam - Village Scenic #21-152
Winter's Gleam - Snowy Trees Lt. Ice #19-172 Winter's Gleam - Snowy Ground Dk. Ice #20-449
Winter's Gleam - Bricks Brown #22-222 Winter's Gleam - Bricks Lt. Brown #22-888
Winter's Gleam - SNowy Sky Dk. Blue #18-441  


This Friday we’ll be hosting our first “Finished Friday” parade!  It’s always fun seeing your works in progress and now we want to see your completed projects.  It can be anything recently completed … both stitched and non-stitched.  It can be home decor, crafty, quilty, clothing, just about anything.  Did you make something special for the 4th of July holiday?  We’d love to see it! 

Send your entries to info@thequiltshoppe.net, subject:  Finished Friday. 

Your email should include the following:
1.  Your name and location (city, state, country)
2.  Pictures
3.  A description of your item
4.  Materials used
5.  Did you make it for yourself or was it a gift?  Is there a story behind it?
6.  Do you have a blog?  Send us your blog address too!
7.  Are you on Facebook and/or Twitter?  Send those addresses too.

Pass the word along and invite your friends to join the parade.  Feel free to use the banner above to share on your blogs and/or facebook.

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Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I just saw yesterday's parade, will you be doing this again?