Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It’s all in fun …

A little over three years ago, I received a phone call from my sister-in-law Darla, telling me that she had just purchased an APQS Millenium long-arm.  Of course the first question anyone asks someone who’s just bought one of these gigantic treasures is, “Where are you going to put it?”  Quickly followed by, “and what are you going to do with it?”

“In the garage, of course,” and “quilt!”

“Congratulations!  Now I have somewhere to send all my quilts :)

About a year later I called Darla and said, “You’ll never guess what I just did – and, no, it does not include a long-arm.”  She was more shocked than I when I told her The Quilt Shoppe had been born.  She was ecstatic because now she had a place to purchase more fabric. 

Last Spring I invited her to go to Spring Market with us.  She didn’t see the need to go, but I convinced her it would be a lot of fun.  She had a great time (what quilter wouldn’t) and even made a few new acquaintances.

Keep in mind that up to this point, I have the upper hand in knowing what’s coming out 6 months from now ….. Fast forward to October 2008, and I receive another phone call …

”You’ll never guess what’s on my machine.” 

“A quilt?” 

“Yes!  And, it’s with fabric that you’ve never seen before because it’s a quilt for Fall Market for Elizabeth Scott from Late Bloomer Quilts.  And, oh, by the way, I can’t send you pictures, cuz you can’t see it yet!”

Ah – she got me!  Now we tease each other every time market comes around.  As soon as emails start coming out with new fabrics I quickly call her to tell her, “Ha, ha.”  It usually doesn’t take long before I get the phone call, “Have you seen the new fabric from …. it’s to die for, but, oh, I’m sorry, you won’t see it ‘till market.”  It’s a new tradition that’s a whole bunch of family fun.

Here are a couple of pictures she sent me of quilts she did for Elizabeth for Spring Market.  First, Elizabeth is an incredible designer.  Second, my sister-in-law really puts the icing on the cake.  I know you’ll all agree, they are beautiful.


These two are from the Cottage Rose pattern from Late Bloomer, featuring fabrics from Robyn Pandolph’s new collection, Somerset Cottage.


These are from the Hopscotch pattern from Late Bloomer featuring fabrics from the Aster Manor collection by 3 Sisters for Moda.

We’ve ordered both of these patterns as well as the other new patterns just released from Late Bloomer Quilts.

Thank you Elizabeth and my dear sister-in-law, Darla, for sharing your amazing talents.

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