Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Moda Bella Solids


Well, it’s about time!  I don’t know what has taken us so long – perhaps it’s all the beautiful fabrics from Moda, or the fun designs from Clothworks, those adorable baby prints from Wilmington, stunning batiks from Island Batiks, I just don’t know.  Every month I tell myself, “Self, don’t forget to order some Bella Solids and start building a good solid fabric library.”  Hallelujah!  We finally did it.  I wish I could tell you we’ve stocked ALL 109 of them (and I’m sure more will be coming), but I can’t.  We have, however, started with some basics, through in a few Christmas colors and, of course, we had to have the Fig Tree coordinates to go with all of her fabrics that we love so much.  So here’s a peek at what’s available today.  I promise, promise, pinky swear that when I stop at the Moda booth at Quilt Market on Friday, I’ll order a dozen or so more.  Let us know what your favorite solid colors are and we’ll see what we can do :)

CAUTION:  Several of these solids are white in nature, so it may not “look” like there’s a color there.  Trust me, there is! If you roll your mouse over the color, you’ll see the name of it.

Moda Bella Solid - White 9900-98 Moda Bella Solid -  BLEACHED WHITE 9900-97 Moda Bella Solid - FEATHER 9900-127
Moda Bella Solid - IVORY 9900-60 Moda Bella Solid - SNOW 9900-11 Moda Bella Solid - NATURAL 9900-12
Moda Bella Solid - FIG TREE CREAM 9900-67 Moda Bella Solid - FIG TREE WHEAT 9900-68 Moda Bella Solid - FIG TREE OLIVE 9900-69
Moda Bella Solid - FIG TREE APRICOT 9900-70    
Moda Bella Solid - CHRISTMAS GREEN 9900-14 Moda Bella Solid - CHRISTMAS RED 9900-16 Moda Bella Solid - BLACK 9900-99

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Dianne Hadaway said...

I love the Moda solids! They are great for linings in my purses! Love that deep shade of red!