Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spring Quilt Market – Saturday

Okay!  Where did we leave off?  Oh, yes, lunch break on Friday.  We spent the whole afternoon looking at more BOMs and patterns, and patterns, and patterns (did I mention patterns?), fabric and some different types of items that incorporate quilting in a fun way.  After all that work, it was time to have some fun.

Moda’s theme for this market is:

DSC03198 We already know they do fabric, and notions, and home goods, but they can throw a very impressive dinner party too!


DSC03136 There were actually 3 of these river boats ready to take us on a 3 hour river cruise up an down the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers.  What a blast!  Thank you, Moda, for a wonderful time!  Here’s some random pictures from our dinner.

 DSC03125DSC03118  Downtown skyline (left); Heinz stadium (right)
More skyline (left); Sam, me and Carol, our Moda/Clothworks rep
DSC03138 DSC03157
Julia, our Andover/P&B/Wilmington/Benartex rep (left);
Marsha & Rhonda from Morningstar Quilts in Paradise, CA
DSC03163 DSC03166
The boat at night (left); the walkway from the dock – the sidewalls of the walkway are a huge waterfall – absolutely beautiful!

Today, Saturday, we decided to walk from our hotel to the convention center.  It’s only a 15-minute walk.  Keep in mind we’re from California.  Yesterday, the weather here was gorgeous, perfectly sunny, warm, beautiful!  So what should today be like?  Warm and sunny, of course!  When we walked out of our hotel I noticed the ground was a little wet.  Ooooh, a nice spring rain!  If you look at the pictures below you’ll notice I was dressed for another beautiful warm day, complete with sandals!  NOT!  About half way through our walk it started pouring, with no place to hide till it passed.  By the time I walked into the convention center I was soaked.  My nicely styled hair was now wet and curly.  Oh well, when life throws you raindrops, you just gotta smile and be thankful it wasn’t your only shower that morning :)

The rest of the day was spent fine-tuning more ideas and ordering more fabric.

Tomorrow will be much of the same.  Keep commenting and let us know your likes and gotta haves.

Here’s more pics from today.

 WillowBerry Lane Bunny Hill Designs
Left:  Vicki Lynn Oehlke from WillowBerry Lane (behind us is a Calendar Quilt BOM that we are thinking of offering …)
Right:  Our dear friend, Anne from Bunny Hill Designs

Me & My Sister Lynette Anderson
Left:  Mary & Barb from Me & My Sister Designs
Right:  Lynette Anderson
DSC03183 DSC03191
Left:  Jodi Barrows from Square-in-a-Square
Right:  Tammy Carlson, Happy Hollow Designs
DSC03195 DSC03210
Left:  Lenny Hencoop, the Dutch Quilter
Right:  Joanna Figueroa, Fig Tree Quilts and Camille Roskelley, ThimbleBlossoms
DSC03227 DSC03228
Left:  Alex Anderson, Alex Anderson Quilts
Right:  Patty Young, ModKid & Patty Young Designs

Okie dokie!  That’s it for tonight.  Gotta’  finish packing for our trip home tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow morning I’ll announce the 1st day’s Blog Giveaway winner and give you the next scrambled word.  You don’t have to participate all three days.  So if you missed Day One, that’s okay – join us for day two & three.

Depending on time, I may not get a chance to post pics tomorrow night.  If not, you’ll get them first thing Monday morning.

Have a wonderful rest of your evening and a very Happy Sunday!


EileenandKaren@forgetmenotdreams said...

I can't even tell you how jealous I am! It's so fun to see your pics and hear all about your market trip! Miss you like crazy!

Feedsack Fantasy said...

Very nice pics. Glad you are having a fun/great time.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Oh Lani I wish I was there with you!!!! So much fun!!
bunny hugs,

Library Gal Quilts said...

Those are our gals from Paradise Marsha and Rhonda!! How fun is that! Pam in Chico